First a little overview, if you’re not sure what amigurumi is that’s okay. So… amigurumi is a style of Japanese crochet that is used to make small, cute, cuddly Plushies. These Plushies are made by crocheting in the round. It has become extremely popular and an absolute obsession of mine! I love all the cute little guys that I seem to magically turn my yarn into lol.  I believe a lot of what has added to the popularity is how accessible awesome patterns are!  Once I learned how to find great patterns online, I could not be stopped!  Since then I have been crocheting away and now even write patterns of my own. I never would have made it this far if I hadn’t been able to find patterns to all these cuties and wanted to share them with you.  So, now that you know what amigurumi is AND you know where to find cute patterns you can get started. The patterns listed below are great for beginners. Thanks for checking us out and hope to see you back soon.  Be sure to claim our current free pattern by clicking here 

1. Baby Sloth PatternEven if You’re Not a Fan Of Sloths You Have To Admit That Thos Little Guy Is TOTALLY THE CUTEST! This Adorable Free Pattern is Made By: Storyland Amis

To Get The Pattern Click Here2. Dumbo Octopus PatternThis Little Guy is About As Cute As Can Be (and a personal favorite of mine). With Minimal Parts And Simple Stitches This Pattern Is Great For All Crocheters Especially Beginners. Pattern Made By: Mohu Blog

To Get The Pattern Click Here

 3. Mini Unicorn Pattern

What can I say I love unicorns always have always will! And you know what’s better than regular unicorns? Uuuum super cute crochet mini unicorns DUUUUHHHH! Pattern By: Paintitcolorful

To Get Pattern Click Here

4. Cute Cube Puppy 

  Stackable, squishable, cuddly, and cubey! Can these cubed puppers get any cuter? Absolutely not! Pattern Made By: Crafty Bunny Bun

To Get Pattern  Click Here 

 5. Crochet Owl Pattern

Last but certainly not least this dapper owl pattern Made By: The Bunny Studio is perfect for plushie enthusiasts and owl lovers alike.

To Get Pattern Click Here

Hope you enjoy your free patterns. 

What else would you like to know about Amigurumi?  What crafting catastrophes would you like to see solved?  Let us know.  Drop us a line @